Thursday, 28 September 2017

3 Reasons Why A Digital Products Business Rocks!

Here are 3 big reasons why a digital product business is the best business you can be in:

1) You can work when, where and how you want. Since an online business is online, you can take your laptop and be half way across the world and still have a business that is still running.

Heck, if you automate it enough, you could probably go weeks without having to do any work. With technology such as autoresponders and product management systems such as JVZoo, you can pretty much set and forget.

2) You can think of an idea and start creating a product around it without having to risk much. Everything is digital so there's no real physical material needed to put together a product.

Simply start typing away to create an ebook, hit the record button to create a video course or send your specifications away to get a software created.

3) A digital product business is highly scalable. You're not limited to just creating one or two products, once you've created one you can go on and created dozens more.

You can also scale it by adding backend offers such as one time offers, downsell offers and cross-sell other offers.

In addition, you'll be building a subscriber base which means as your list grows, so does your business.

Now what other business allows you to do all that?

I hope I've inspired you today to start pursuing or continue your online business journey.


Monday, 10 July 2017

How Autoresponders Can Help Your Business

If you're thinking about starting your very own online business from scratch then one of the first things you'll want to think about is an autoresponder service. Read on to find out just how an autoresponder can help your business.

What is an autoresponder?

So firstly let me explain what an autoresponder actually is. In short it is a service that you use to generate emails automatically for you. These emails could be in the form of a newsletter or an update on an event you are holding etc.

Autoresponders allow you to collect email addresses from people, with their permission of course, through your websites or landing pages, turning them into a Lead.
If you have existing subscribers to your business then this is a way of getting information out to them automatically.

Examples of autoresponder services are Aweber, Listwire, Mailchimp, Getresponse, plus many more. I personally use Aweber as I've found it is the best one for me, but everyone will have their personal preference.

How can an autoresponder help your business?

So like I said before an autoresponder is a way of getting information out to your subscribers and if you have subscribers you'll definitely want to do this.

The best part about an autoresponder is that, as the name would suggest, it's automatic. So for example, if you had a message to send out to a particular list all you would need to do is compile that message, set a date when you want it to be broadcast and let the autoresponder do the rest. That means that if you have for example 1000 people in your list you don't have to send a message out to each individual and you can schedule a time for when you want it to go out.

Another great feature of an autoresponder is that if for example you have a newsletter that you want your subscribers to receive on a weekly or monthly basis you can set your autoresponder up to do this. So your newsletter will automatically go out on the dates that you set. How convenient is that? 

You could even do this with blog content. Say you write a new blog post each week, just set up your autoresponder so that your subscribers always get an update when a new blog is posted.

Why is an autoresponder important?
So why is this important for your business? Well firstly it's super convenient, and remember when it comes to creating a life that you love, you'll want to make your business as automated as possible. 

Autoresponders will make your life a whole lot easier. It will give you a load of time back that you should be spending on things that need more time.

You also need to keep in touch with your Leads and this is really important. Your leads are those people who have signed up for your free offer but who have not yet become paying customers. They are interested by what your business offers but something is still holding them back. You need that contact with them to try to entice them in. Keep feeding them information and offers and if its good enough they'll soon become customers.

The most important need for an autoresponder however is that all important List that you have. Your list is your most important asset to your business. These are your customers and without them you have no business. Making sure you follow up with your existing customers is essential for a thriving business and guess what the easiest way to communicate with them is? You got it, an autoresponder! 

Keep your follow ups on automation then you'll never miss a beat. Your emails will be going out automatically and you can have peace of mind that your existing customers are receiving the service they signed up for and keeping in touch with your business.

I hope this article brings you closer to success in your business.
If you found this article helpful you can find more tips on starting an online business on my website at: [] Here you will also find helpful tips on how to change certain aspects of your life and your mindset to set yourself up for success.

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Tuesday, 27 June 2017

5 Great Blog Ideas For The Newbie

Blogging is a great way to share your ideas, interests, etc. However, not everyone is too keen about making that first step and getting a domain and hosting service because in reality, it's difficult to conceptualize a blog if you are just starting out. Read on to find out how to come up with blog ideas that work like magic.

1. Write about your interests. If your editorial calendar is quite ambitious, make sure to write about your interests and not some "popular" topic that you think people will read about. Your personality will stand out better if you write things that are familiar or activities and hobbies that are second-nature to you. It is also much quicker to come up with topics about things that you already know. So avoid tiresome material and go with what you love to talk about and your thoughts will certainly flow smoothly.

2. Invite guest writers. Knowing a popular writer or blogger to guest post on your blog is a great way to attract new readers to your site. Ideally, you should invite guest bloggers/writers who are authorities of your chosen topic/s. This will lend additional credibility to your blog and content. So don't hesitate to send out invites to your potential guests. Who knows, their popularity might rub off a little and improve your blog readership.

3. Interview SOMEBODY. Interview "somebody" about a currently "hot" topic, and by "somebody", I mean someone who has authority or is a major influencer who can talk about a particular issue or idea that you want people to know about.

4. Contests and coupons. Break the monotony by holding exciting contests once in a while. Readers love a good challenge and this is a great way to interact with them and get them to subscribe to your blog. Rewarding your readers is an excellent way to keep them coming back. Make sure to give away freebies or coupons that they will be interested in.

5. Recycle content. Spin, rewrite, recycle. Whatever you call the process, it is NOT bad to talk about the same topic again sometime in the future. However, make sure to keep recycled content at a good distance from the original and write it in such a way that it is not similar to what you have previously written. Blogging platforms have tools that you can use to measure how many readers like which articles/blog entries. Recycle popular content if you think that it deserves another round of attention from readers.

These are five things that you can do to spice up your blog. Remember, do not overthink when looking for ways to fill up your editorial calendar. Just think of a problem that needs a solution, chances are that a number of people are looking for answers to that same problem. Your readers will find your blog relatable if you write about issues that normal people encounter on a daily basis.

Take your time when writing content and building your blog. Blogging and content creation is not a race, but it is more like a test of endurance and the best blogger is one who ends up writing and updating the longest.


Monday, 26 June 2017

3 Reasons You Should Work With Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the best things that you can do online. It's a simple element that could start as a hobby, then grow into a full-fledged job. People of all ages and backgrounds have joined this opportunity and are seeing huge income pushes. It's something that you don't always see advertised, but those that have started to make money online, know full well how important these options can be and are. If you have ever wanted to jump into something on the internet, and didn't know how to get yourself started, then this is going to pay off dividends. There are several reasons why you should jump into affiliate networking, but the following are just 3 major reasons.

No Need To Pay Money Up Front

When you start a business of any kind, you need to have money to invest. The average business loan is around $50,000. If you don't have that to start, then you will find that it's hard to get into business for yourself. Even franchise owners have to spend a great deal to get started, and that's not even using marketing elements that come from a corporate entity. The best thing that you will find true about this type of option is that you do not have to pay any money up front at all. That's right, there is no funding your dream, and there is no need to pay. If you find an affiliate network forces you to pay, walk away. There should be no costs to this.

Invest In What You Love

Perhaps the best thing about this is that you can do what you love. If you love to spend time online, review products, services, and perhaps voice your opinion on certain things, you can do so by being an affiliate. Affiliates today are able to not only help others make purchasing decisions, they get paid for each and every person they get to buy something. You could very well discuss skateboards, and invite skaters from around the world to click your links, and buy from a store. This allows people to get an item that they want, and you to get a commission, all while not charging more for the privilege.

Partner With Big Companies

If you want the experience of internet marketing with a large company, you can do so in this fashion. While you may not be employed by them, if you make over $600 with affiliate marketing links, you will receive a 1099. That means that on the books, you will be working with a major company. Put that on your work history and resume, and you'll be able to land any job you ever apply for.

The aforementioned are just 3 reasons why you should work with affiliate marketing. It's going to pay off big time if you start today. You can start today with a few links, and get a lot of good momentum in terms of your financial future. Simply put, this is a good thing, and something that doesn't require a great deal of investment up front.


By Dane Parker
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